empymod Documentation#




25 June 2024



User Guide

The manual contains installation instructions, information on how to get started, tips and tricks, background theory, how to cite empymod, important references, license information, and much more!


The gallery contains examples and tutorials on the usage of empymod, and is generally the best way to get started. Download them and modify them to your needs! It is also a good place to see what is possible with empymod.

API reference

The API reference of empymod is extensive, and includes almost every function and class. A lot of the underlying theory is described in the docstring of the functions, particularly in the kernel module.

Developer guide

empymod is a community code, please help to shape its future! From typos to bugs to new developments, every contribution is welcomed. This section is the best way to get started.

About the name and logo of empymod

The name empymod is a portmanteau of electromagnetic (em), python (py), and modelling (mod): empymod is a an electromagnetic modeller in python.

The name in the logo plays with the fact that py in python is pronounced the same as pi, the number. Pi is a fundamental constant in electromagnetic modelling.

The symbol represents pi as well, with the three blue bars representing the integer part (3), and the red dot represents the fractional part (0.14159…).