You can install empymod either via conda:

conda install -c conda-forge empymod

or via pip:

pip install empymod

Requirements are the modules scipy, numba, and libdlf.

The modeller empymod comes with add-ons (empymod.scripts). These add-ons provide some very specific, additional functionalities. Some of these add-ons have additional, optional dependencies such as matplotlib. See the Add-ons-section for their documentation.

If you are new to Python we recommend using a Python distribution, which will ensure that all dependencies are met, specifically properly compiled versions of NumPy and SciPy; we recommend using Anaconda. If you install Anaconda you can simply start the Anaconda Navigator, add the channel conda-forge and empymod will appear in the package list and can be installed with a click.

Using NumPy and SciPy with the Intel Math Kernel Library (mkl) can significantly improve computation time. You can check if mkl is used via conda list: The entries for the BLAS and LAPACK libraries should contain something with mkl, not with openblas. To enforce it you might have to create a file pinned, containing the line libblas[build=*mkl] in the folder path-to-your-conda-env/conda-meta/.


Until v2 empymod did not use Numba but instead optionally NumExpr. Use v1.10.x if you cannot use Numba or want to use NumExpr. However, no new features will land in v1, only bugfixes.