empymod.kernel.fields(depth, Rp, Rm, Gam, lrec, lsrc, zsrc, ab, TM)[source]#

Calculate Pu+, Pu-, Pd+, Pd-.

(1)#\[P^{u\pm}_s, P^{d\pm}_s, \bar{P}^{u\pm}_s, \bar{P}^{d\pm}_s; P^{u\pm}_{s-1}, P^{u\pm}_n, \bar{P}^{u\pm}_{s-1}, \bar{P}^{u\pm}_n; P^{d\pm}_{s+1}, P^{d\pm}_n, \bar{P}^{d\pm}_{s+1}, \bar{P}^{d\pm}_n\]

This function corresponds to equations 81/82, 95/96, 103/104, A-8/A-9, A-24/A-25, and A-32/A-33 in [HuTS15], and loosely to the corresponding files Pdownmin.F90, Pdownplus.F90, Pupmin.F90, and Pdownmin.F90.

This function is called from the function greenfct.