class empymod.utils.Report(add_pckg=None, ncol=3, text_width=80, sort=False)[source]#

Bases: Report

Print date, time, and version information.

Use scooby to print date, time, and package version information in any environment (Jupyter notebook, IPython console, Python console, QT console), either as html-table (notebook) or as plain text (anywhere).

Always shown are the OS, number of CPU(s), numpy, scipy, numba, empymod, sys.version, and time/date.

Additionally shown are, if they can be imported, IPython, and matplotlib. It also shows MKL information, if available.

All modules provided in add_pckg are also shown.


The package scooby has to be installed in order to use Report: pip install scooby.

add_pckgpackages, optional

Package or list of packages to add to output information (must be imported beforehand).

ncolint, optional

Number of package-columns in html table (no effect in text-version); Defaults to 3.

text_widthint, optional

The text width for non-HTML display modes

sortbool, optional

Sort the packages when the report is shown


>>> import pytest
>>> import dateutil
>>> from empymod import Report
>>> Report()                            # Default values
>>> Report(pytest)                      # Provide additional package
>>> Report([pytest, dateutil], ncol=5)  # Set nr of columns