empymod.transform.hankel_quad(zsrc, zrec, lsrc, lrec, off, ang_fact, depth, ab, etaH, etaV, zetaH, zetaV, xdirect, htarg, msrc, mrec)[source]#

Hankel Transform using the QUADPACK library.

This routine uses the scipy.integrate.quad module, which in turn makes use of the Fortran library QUADPACK (qagse).

It is massively (orders of magnitudes) slower than either hankel_dlf or hankel_qwe, and is mainly here for completeness and comparison purposes. It always uses interpolation in the wavenumber domain, hence it generally will not be as precise as the other methods. However, it might work in some areas where the others fail.

The function is called from one of the modelling routines in empymod.model. Consult these modelling routines for a description of the input and output parameters.


Returns frequency-domain EM response.


Kernel count. For HQUAD, this is 1.


If true, QUAD converged. If not, htarg might have to be adjusted.