empymod.kernel.greenfct(zsrc, zrec, lsrc, lrec, depth, etaH, etaV, zetaH, zetaV, lambd, ab, xdirect, msrc, mrec)[source]#

Calculate Green’s function for TM and TE.

(1)#\[\tilde{g}^{tm}_{hh}, \tilde{g}^{tm}_{hz}, \tilde{g}^{tm}_{zh}, \tilde{g}^{tm}_{zz}, \tilde{g}^{te}_{hh}, \tilde{g}^{te}_{zz}\]

This function corresponds to equations 108–110, 117/118, 122; 89–94, A18–A23, B13–B15; 97–102 A26–A31, and B16–B18 in [HuTS15], and loosely to the corresponding files Gamma.F90, Wprop.F90, Ptotalx.F90, Ptotalxm.F90, Ptotaly.F90, Ptotalym.F90, Ptotalz.F90, and Ptotalzm.F90.

The Green’s functions are multiplied according to Eqs 105-107, 111-116, 119-121, 123-128; with the factors inside the integrals.

This function is called from the function wavenumber.