empymod.utils.get_azm_dip(inp, iz, ninpz, intpts, isdipole, strength, name, verb)[source]#

Get angles, interpolation weights and normalization weights.

This check-function is called from one of the modelling routines in empymod.model. Consult these modelling routines for a detailed description of the input parameters.

inplist of floats or arrays

Input coordinates (m):

  • [x0, x1, y0, y1, z0, z1] (bipole of finite length)

  • [x, y, z, azimuth, dip] (dipole, infinitesimal small)


Index of current di-/bipole depth (-).


Total number of di-/bipole depths (ninpz = 1 or npinz = nsrc) (-).


Number of integration points for bipole (-).


Boolean if inp is a dipole.

strengthfloat, optional

Source strength (A):

  • If 0, output is normalized to source and receiver of 1 m length, and source strength of 1 A.

  • If != 0, output is returned for given source and receiver length, and source strength.

namestr, {‘src’, ‘rec’}


verb{0, 1, 2, 3, 4}

Level of verbosity.

toutlist of floats or arrays

Dipole coordinates x, y, and z (m).

azmfloat or array of floats

Horizontal angle (azimuth).

dipfloat or array of floats

Vertical angle (dip).

g_wfloat or array of floats

Factors from Gaussian interpolation.


As input, checked.

inp_wfloat or array of floats

Factors from source/receiver length and source strength.