Methods to carry out the required Hankel transform from wavenumber to frequency domain and Fourier transform from frequency to time domain.

The functions for the QWE and DLF Hankel and Fourier transforms are based on source files (specified in each function) from the source code distributed with [Key12], which can be found at These functions are (c) 2012 by Kerry Key and the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, Please read the NOTICE-file in the root directory for more information regarding the involved licenses.


hankel_dlf(zsrc, zrec, lsrc, lrec, off, ...)

Hankel Transform using the Digital Linear Filter method.

hankel_qwe(zsrc, zrec, lsrc, lrec, off, ...)

Hankel Transform using Quadrature-With-Extrapolation.

hankel_quad(zsrc, zrec, lsrc, lrec, off, ...)

Hankel Transform using the QUADPACK library.

fourier_dlf(fEM, time, freq, ftarg)

Fourier Transform using the Digital Linear Filter method.

fourier_qwe(fEM, time, freq, ftarg)

Fourier Transform using Quadrature-With-Extrapolation.

fourier_fftlog(fEM, time, freq, ftarg)

Fourier Transform using FFTLog.

fourier_fft(fEM, time, freq, ftarg)

Fourier Transform using the Fast Fourier Transform.

dlf(signal, points, out_pts, filt, pts_per_dec)

Digital Linear Filter method.

qwe(rtol, atol, maxint, inp, intervals[, ...])


get_dlf_points(filt, inp, nr_per_dec)

Return calculation points required for DLF.

get_fftlog_input(rmin, rmax, n, q, mu)

Return parameters required for FFTLog.