Kernel of empymod, calculates the wavenumber-domain electromagnetic response. Plus analytical full- and half-space solutions.

The functions wavenumber, angle_factor, fullspace, greenfct, reflections, and fields are based on source files (specified in each function) from the source code distributed with [HuTS15], which can be found at These functions are (c) 2015 by Hunziker et al. and the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, Please read the NOTICE-file in the root directory for more information regarding the involved licenses.


wavenumber(zsrc, zrec, lsrc, lrec, depth, ...)

Calculate wavenumber domain solution.

angle_factor(angle, ab, msrc, mrec)

Return the angle-dependent factor.

fullspace(off, angle, zsrc, zrec, etaH, ...)

Analytical full-space solutions in the frequency domain.

greenfct(zsrc, zrec, lsrc, lrec, depth, ...)

Calculate Green's function for TM and TE.

reflections(depth, e_zH, Gam, lrec, lsrc)

Calculate Rp, Rm.

fields(depth, Rp, Rm, Gam, lrec, lsrc, zsrc, ...)

Calculate Pu+, Pu-, Pd+, Pd-.

halfspace(off, angle, zsrc, zrec, etaH, ...)

Return frequency- or time-space domain VTI half-space solution.