empymod.kernel.fullspace(off, angle, zsrc, zrec, etaH, etaV, zetaH, zetaV, ab, msrc, mrec)[source]#

Analytical full-space solutions in the frequency domain.

(1)#\[\hat{G}^{ee}_{\alpha\beta}, \hat{G}^{ee}_{3\alpha}, \hat{G}^{ee}_{33}, \hat{G}^{em}_{\alpha\beta}, \hat{G}^{em}_{\alpha 3}\]

This function corresponds to equations 45–50 in [HuTS15], and loosely to the corresponding files Gin11.F90, Gin12.F90, Gin13.F90, Gin22.F90, Gin23.F90, Gin31.F90, Gin32.F90, Gin33.F90, Gin41.F90, Gin42.F90, Gin43.F90, Gin51.F90, Gin52.F90, Gin53.F90, Gin61.F90, and Gin62.F90.

This function is called from one of the modelling routines in empymod.model. Consult these modelling routines for a description of the input and output parameters.