empymod.kernel.halfspace(off, angle, zsrc, zrec, etaH, etaV, freqtime, ab, signal, solution='dhs')[source]#

Return frequency- or time-space domain VTI half-space solution.

Calculates the frequency- or time-space domain electromagnetic response for a half-space below air using the diffusive approximation, as given in [SlHM10], where the electric source is located at [x=0, y=0, z=zsrc>=0], and the electric receiver at [x=cos(angle)*off, y=sin(angle)*off, z=zrec>=0].

It can also be used to calculate the fullspace solution or the separate fields: direct field, reflected field, and airwave; always using the diffusive approximation. See solution-parameter.

This function is called from one of the modelling routines in empymod.model. Consult these modelling routines for a description of the input and solution parameters.