Utilities for empymod.model such as checking input parameters.

This module consists of four groups of functions:
  1. General settings

  2. Class EMArray

  3. Input parameter checks for modelling

  4. Internal utilities


check_time_only(time, signal, verb)

Check time and signal parameters.

check_time(time, signal, ft, ftarg, verb)

Check time domain specific input parameters.

check_model(depth, res, aniso, epermH, ...)

Check the model: depth and corresponding layer parameters.

check_frequency(freq, res, aniso, epermH, ...)

Calculate frequency-dependent parameters.

check_hankel(ht, htarg, verb)

Check Hankel transform parameters.

check_loop(loop, ht, htarg, verb)

Check loop parameter.

check_dipole(inp, name, verb)

Check dipole parameters.

check_bipole(inp, name)

Check di-/bipole parameters.

check_ab(ab, verb)

Check source-receiver configuration.

check_solution(solution, signal, ab, msrc, mrec)

Check required solution with parameters.

get_abs(msrc, mrec, srcazm, srcdip, recazm, ...)

Get required ab's for given angles.

get_geo_fact(ab, srcazm, srcdip, recazm, ...)

Get required geometrical scaling factor for given angles.

get_azm_dip(inp, iz, ninpz, intpts, ...)

Get angles, interpolation weights and normalization weights.

get_off_ang(src, rec, nsrc, nrec, verb)

Get depths, offsets, angles, hence spatial input parameters.

get_layer_nr(inp, depth)

Get number of layer in which inp resides.

printstartfinish(verb[, inp, kcount])

Print start and finish with time measure and kernel count.

conv_warning(conv, targ, name, verb)

Print error if QWE/QUAD did not converge at least once.

set_minimum([min_freq, min_time, min_off, ...])

Set minimum values of parameters.


Return the current minimum values.



Create an EM-ndarray: add amplitude <amp> and phase <pha> methods.

Report([add_pckg, ncol, text_width, sort])

Print date, time, and version information.