empymod.utils.set_minimum(min_freq=None, min_time=None, min_off=None, min_res=None, min_angle=None)[source]#

Set minimum values of parameters.

The given parameters are set to its minimum value if they are smaller.


set_minimum and get_minimum are derived after set_printoptions and get_printoptions from in numpy.

min_freqfloat, optional

Minimum frequency [Hz] (default 1e-20 Hz).

min_timefloat, optional

Minimum time [s] (default 1e-20 s).

min_offfloat, optional

Minimum offset [m] (default 1e-3 m). Also used to round src- & rec-coordinates.

min_resfloat, optional

Minimum horizontal and vertical resistivity [Ohm.m] (default 1e-20).

min_anglefloat, optional

Minimum angle [-] (default 1e-10).